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Hello! You are welcome at the personal demo web project of creative technologies of the world of contemporary advertising and design as well as implementation of versatile ideas for presentation in different advertising areas.

Creating your business style with a cutting-edge compute technology.
  • Use CREATIVITY on time, TECHNOLOGY doesn’t wait for the latecomers!
    IMC Tyoma
    Creative designer
  • INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS IN DESIGN, are born in a process of complete creative freedom!
    IMC Tyoma
    Creative designer
  • Creating something new, do it with extraordinary pleasure – as a result you’ll have both good result and quality! THERE ARE NO TEMPLATES IN DESIGNING, A STRETCH OF IMAGINATION IS DESIGNING.
    IMC Tyoma
    Creative designer

Image is a basis of photography, graphics and animation, video that can be devised, created and modified! 

Any image is remembered by its visual perception that carries a creative idea and originality! Oftentimes, all images that we see in the world around us, may contribute to the advertising style, decoration and transfer of semantic information! Coupled with modern technology, computer graphic design they allow you to experience a richer and more vivid picture of creating unparalleled, creative image projects!

You are given the opportunity to see how you can organize and build customized creative works using technology to transform the design of promotional materials.This site presents the way you can create advertising projects, stories and shooting while being in specially selected locations.

I know how to do it, I know where to do it, I show what I did!

There are no templates – these are specially prepared original stories!

It is possible to  obtain a completely new, interesting and customized work with a variety of ways to represent and visualize any advertising project!!

Advertisement is the images that allow spectators to see the product, detail or any other object created for your attention!

What advertisement will be created and what information will be incorporated for the viewer – all the details pertaining to the specific project, starting from colour design and corporate style up to complex staged  scene should be taken into account during the development stage.

Any advertising project may be attributed one of the three directions – social, commercial and image advertising.

Photo is one of the most popular and most visual steps in the process of design and development of advertising, and making of staged scenes used in creative projects.

Digital technology in photography provide even more opportunities for creative ideas in photography and producing high quality interactive images in a variety of fields.

Your product or service line, advertised using up-to-date photographic technologies, image processing and visualization, may have a completely different look! Such techniques are capable of drawing the eye to such image and give a feeling of  a new level of creative photography.

Advertising image is a demonstration of the quality of the goods using the design ideas and style.

The idea or the plot staged promotional photos for maximum impact on a potential audience of course thought out in advance, and only interesting, unusual images may catch our view of the entire mass of visual information that is around us.

The main and often the first exposure of a potential buyer with the goods to take place through the photo, so it is important, what is the idea of ??creating, as well as modern methods of presentation and demonstration of the image!

Applying design in the creation of opportunities and skills digital imaging, the designer can create and fully control all stages of the creative project! This makes it possible to fully implement all the ideas in the photos and design work – which look and style of the project is fully consistent with the author’s conception.

Design ideas displayed by means of digital technology of modern photography is able to make you look at many things from the other side!

Idea, Pc, Design will open infinite possibilities for your advertisement!

Designing is an original, pleasing style of all elements required to create promotional project, and creative visualization of ideas in presenting the product advertised.

In the course of the design process it’s important to combine several key criteria for advertising: the ease of perception, originality of the idea, and nicely and clearly displayed information! All this attracts and engages the viewer while observing the promotional product.

Welcome to modern, visual technologies of creating exclusive concepts and design ideas for development of advertising projects!

You have the opportunity to experience and imagine what the design can be and in what innovative ways the ads can be created.

All stages and processes for the creation and presentation of your advertising using the design technology are the intellectual concept implemented by means of expertise and experience in graphic design.

Cutting-edge digital technology in advertising design provides better results and endless creative opportunities for elaborating and presenting singular works!

Let’s do it in a close cooperation!

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My objectives

Create promotional projects in design as well as present concepts from the initial idea till the completed development and visualization stage.

Elaborate creative customer-oriented solutions.

Get the opportunity of creative self-realization and self-improvement in various directions of advertising and participate in development of challenging projects using the up-to-date design technologies.

My activity

  • Holistic approach from the very inception of the design idea up to implementing and preparing all the necessary materials in the final stage and the presenting the promotional work.

    IMC activity
    Creative art management
  • The idea and creation of image-related component of the promotional project. Designing, processing and simulating all the required graphics components and materials used in the design of the project.

    IMC activity
    Creative designer
  • Photographing and implementation of the overall concept for creation of all the necessary images included in the development of the promotional project.

    IMC activity
    Creative photographer

My experience

Advertising 12 years
Design 10 years
Commercial photography 5 years
Marketing 4 years

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